Project 130: A Suspension checkup at ...

Project 130: A Suspension checkup at Bilstein
I have often been a staunch advocate of the old ‘if it ain’t broke’ philosophy for a long time; if things are still working, why bother trying to change it up. At the Bilstein workstation, where measurements can be taken. Installs, repairs, alignments and testing can all be done in-house at the workshop.   That line of [...]

Sydney 4WD & Adventure Show R...

Sydney 4WD & Adventure Show – 17-19 October 2014
The Sydney 4WD & Adventure Show is on next weekend (17-19 October), and it is going to be the biggest show on record.             “MR4X4″ Pat Callinan will be there to meet and greet, as well as dish out valuable advise to those with a question. Others, including Allan Gray, Jo Clews, Ernie Ding [...]

4X4 Etiquette : 7 things you should b...

4X4 Etiquette : 7 things you should be doing
We all have a responsibilty of doing the right things when we are out in the bush. Do you want to put the 4X4 community’s best foot forward next time, here are some simple tips to keeping your 4X4 etiquette in the green. 1. Don’t rip up the tracks For a Four-wheel driver, the tracks we drive are more responsibility than right, and [...]

4X4 News: Indigenous Protected Area p...

4X4 News: Indigenous Protected Area proclaimed
An area totalling 4.2 million hectares along the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory has been declared an Indigenous Protected Area , making it the largest protected arid area on the planet. It’s called the Kiwirrkurra IPA, covering the country that the ‘Pintubi Nine’ emerged from in 1984. The main thrust [...]

Gear News: Piranha DBE 180 SX

Gear News: Piranha DBE 180 SX
                                                        Piranha have recently unveiled a a dual battery management system, which will run a a twelve volt system at 180 amps, and runs with spike protection [...]

4X4 Ad Rewind: Jeep CJ

jeep CJ

4X4 News: Speed Cameras on beaches

4X4 News: Speed Cameras on beaches
In a first for Australia, the Queensland police will be setting up covert speed cameras along popular stretches of beach in the Sunshine Coast. In an effort to get people to slow down and reduce the number of incidents along the beach, software called ‘Trucam’ will be used on unmarked vehicles to catch those going too fast.   [...]

Product Roadtest: Howling Moon Awning...

Product Roadtest: Howling Moon Awning Wall Set
If you are looking for a bit of extra protection from the elements and privacy, a great option for expanding the versatility of your camping setup is to add some walls to your 4X4 awning. On it’s own, the vehicle-mounted awning is a great product. I am using a Howling Moon 2.5 metre Safari Awn, and love the amount of shelter you get out [...]

4X4 News: ARB Wentworthville Open Day

4X4 News: ARB Wentworthville Open Day
Come along and say G’day to Pat this weekend at the ARB Wentworthville Open Day. Along with a sausage sizzle, vehicles on show and product demonstrations, MR4X4 will be there from 8.00AM – 10.30AM. So make sure you pop past to say hello!   There will also be some great specials and product giveaways to be had on the open day [...]

Polaris 4X4 ATV – with non-pneu...

Alternative tyre technology for your 4X4 has taken 1 step closer, now being used by American ATV manufacturer Polaris. Utilising what is called ‘TerrainArmor™’ tyre technology that veers away completely from tradition pneumatic rubber tyres, the Polaris boasts a list of advantages over a tradition tyre style. Obviously, there ar [...]