Lifesaver Cube Review

Lifesaver Cube Review
Lifesaver have been making some top-quality products for some time. When we were sent a new Cube, we just had to go and test it out. We’ve had plenty of rain over the last few weeks at the Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures HQ over the last couple of weeks, so it didn’t take a long walk into the bush to find a nicely rank, dark [...]

Pat Callinan’s Cape York

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4X4 News: Light Bar Legalities in Vic...

4X4 News: Light Bar Legalities in Victoria
Change is afoot in the garden state, with the laws surrounding the use of LED light bars changing to allow them. Under Australia Design Rule (ADR) 13/00, which was was initiated before the conception of light bars, auxiliary lights had to be fitted in pairs. With light bars becoming so popular these days, the Commonwealth has responded to ma [...]

From The Vaults: Pat Callinan’s...


From the Vaults: How to winch your ca...

winch camper
A handy trick from Pat, for getting out of trouble with a trailer.   Of course, your other option in this scenario is carry a beefy jockey wheel that can stand up to the rigours of winching, like the XO Series Jockey Wheel from Ark Corporation:   The XO Series Jockey Wheel, available from Ark Corporation.

Custom 4X4: The Pat Callinan’s ...

Custom 4X4: The Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures Nissan D40 Navara

4×4 News: Smoking bans in NSW Na...

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New laws have come to pass in New South Wales, banning smoking in National Parks from the 1st of January, 2015. Primarily directed at reducing the impact of litter and the risk of bushfire, the ban will be in effect in over 865 National Parks and Reserves in Australia’s most populous state. “Seven billion cigarette butts are littered in [...]

4X4 Ad Rewind: Mercedes Benz G Wagen ...


4X4 Ad Rewind: Mercedes G-Class

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Project 130: Wheels and Tyres, and be...

Project 130: Wheels and Tyres, and beadlocks.
Today was a big day for Project 130: A combination of wheels, tyres and beadlocks have been fitted up. This will be the only set used on the Defender, for daily driver duties, fun weekend expeditions and more serious desert crossings. These will be scrutinised and reviewed during this time, with our findings published after spending some qual [...]